Cute Angie

First Impressions

If you’re going to use the word cute in the title of your site, the girl better be a cutie pie. Thankfully, Angie, star of CutieAngie, is exactly that. The first image that greets you on the tour page is one of Angie sitting with her tits exposed and her hair in pigtails. She has a warm smile on her face and her eyes are narrowed from the sun shining into them. She’s the epitome of cute. She’s not short on sex appeal though, as evidenced by the numerous fully naked images featured, including some amazing lesbian strap-on sex.

Hot Promises

Angie’s tour pages brag of some incredibly hot content within the site. First she talks about her movies, and the preview images show some serious strap-on sex happening between beautiful teen girls. Next up are the picture galleries, which once again hint at hot lesbian action as well as sexy posing pictures. They also promise live shows, but since the other girls in this network don’t do live shows anymore I wouldn’t count on Angie to do them either. The rest of the tour offers a fair amount of free content, including video clips, that’s worth browsing through before committing to buying anything.


After entering my username and password and venturing into the member’s area I was greeted by an up close and personal image of Angie’s face. At that very moment I was struck by how utterly beautiful she is when she’s really turning on the model charm. Her face is flawless; her eyes, nose, mouth and cheekbones are perfectly shaped and work together in harmony. Other highlights of the front page include previews of the latest picture and video updates, a poll, and an excerpt from her latest diary entry.

My first stop in the tour of Angie’s member’s area was the pictures section. She currently has 36 photo galleries, each with 40-120 images. The content isn’t dated, so it’s difficult to tell if updates are ever made. The pictures are divided into solo galleries and lesbian galleries. In the solo sets you can watch as Angie strips from a sexy/cute outfit and models her beautiful body for us. She gets fully naked in most of the sets and even toys her pussy in a few. Most of the lesbian galleries go a lot further than you typically see on teen babe sites. Instead of simply getting naked and fondling each other’s tits these girls go all the way. They eat pussy, suck nipple, finger each other, use toys, and more.

After exhausting the picture content I directed my browser to the videos section and settled in for a viewing party. As the picture galleries indicated, Angie’s not shy about her lesbian tendencies, and the videos only reaffirm that desire on her part. More than half the clips are girl/girl hookups, and once again they’re not dull. The ladies often use a strap-on to pleasure each other, and in the absence of that they love to eat each other out or finger each other. There are also a few solo videos to be enjoyed; in each of these Angie ends up fucking herself with something, typically a dildo.

There are a few other areas of interest within CuteAngie, but they’re largely underserved and not worth your time. The diary, in which Angie was supposed to keep you up to date on the daily happenings in her life, hasn’t been updated since November 2005, and even then it wasn’t maintained with much frequency. The About Me page features a tiny biography that will enlighten you a bit on Angie’s life but doesn’t go very deep. The Friends page is actually just a long list of ads for other sites, including a number of other teen babes. Lastly there are the promised live shows, which don’t actually exist. There’s an area where the schedule is supposed to be posted, but it’s barren and by all accounts will stay that way forever.

Before I go I’d like to share a few of my favorite content sets with you. The first is a photo set in which Angie is posing on a lake in her bikini. She looks utterly gorgeous and it’s a treat to see her strip and show us her tits. The second is an amazing lesbian threesome that features Angie, Cherry Potter, and Melissa Doll. The girls use a strap-on to fuck each other, eat plenty of pussy, and do some finger banging. It’s a can’t miss video among a slew of hot videos.

The last thing worth mentioning is the enormous amount of bonus content your membership entitles you to. When you join you automatically become a member of 45 other adult sites, each of which includes a number of photo galleries and amazing full length videos. All told there are more than 6,500 video to be downloaded. It’s enough porn to last a lifetime.

Croco’s Opinion

The greatest strength of CutieAngie is Angie herself. Not only is she cute, but she’s also utterly beautiful. She has a warm and sexy smile, a perfect nose, and gorgeous eyes. Of course, it doesn’t hurt that she’s a pussy loving babe who has filled her site with all kinds of lesbian content. These girls even use strap-ons to fuck each other. When you add in all the bonus content it becomes a must have value.


Making your way through the site is simple and easy. At the top and bottom of each page is a text nav bar that shows all of your options. The picture and video pages each feature informative, well organized gallery setups to give you as much information as possible before you start consuming the content.

Pricing Policy

You can subscribe to a 3 day trial for $2.95, which then renews at $29.95 a month. You can also subscribe outright for 30 days at the $29.95 a month price, or subscribe for 90 days at a bargain price of $59.95. Payments are taken by credit card or check.

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